Here Goes

Derick suggested a while ago* that I write down my thoughts about being a mother to maybe find some like-minded people.  Or perhaps to keep from going completely insane, who knows. I appreciate the sentiment either way.

So I had a baby.  It’s not real, I swear.  I look at her and I look at the deflated helium balloon that is my stretch-marked stomach and weirdly-shaped hole from my old belly button ring and it doesn’t add up.

I had eight weeks home with her, flipped out at the concept of going back to work, made everyone’s lives miserable flipping out about going back to work, actually went back to work, worked eight days and then was laid off.  So I now find myself back at home with the baby, soaking in her goodness and collecting unemployment while I find something else.

So anyway, this is just the first post.  I don’t have much to say right now; I’m watching Friends while Derick rocks Norah and I wait for the sugar cookies to come out of the oven,  Because oh yeah I haven’t stopped eating like I’m pregnant.

*a while ago=4 days postpartum, me clutching Norah and sobbing that I was doomed to have Postpartum Psychosis (not just regular PPD…I had to go a step further)  and I’d inevitably hurt my child and she’d be taken from me.  And that then I’d be shut up in an asylum, and not one of the present where they take care of you and let people visit.  One of those asylums from American Horror Story, or from the 1850’s- whichever’s worse.

2 thoughts on “Here Goes

  1. Hi lady,
    I can fully get behind the “having a blog and not posting regularly on it” sentiment. Keep writing. I’ll read. I do really love your neighborhood trash-talking segments on Instagram, I gotta say. And every time I see a ferris wheel, I think it’s you. And I swear I’m not a crazy internet stalker. I just think you’re pretty cool. AND you birthed a full on human baby? Impressive. That certainly entitles you to sugar cookies whenever you want them, dammit!

    (How’s that for random and rambling??)


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