Labor Story Part 3 of 4

Apparently people find this interesting so I’ll keep going!  It’s going to be long so tuck in.

So it’s 8am.  After that Ambien Rhonda gave me I’ve been dozing in and out while moaning and writhing on our bed. Derick told me it was super sexy.


By now I’ve called my parents and they’re on their way (they’re 2 hours away).  Derick and I continue to roam the neighborhood and time contractions.  Mom and Dad show up and I start to get excited- she’s really coming!*

*did I mention that we found out she was a girl at 20 weeks but then didn’t tell anyone we knew? Until we told just our immediate families at Christmas, which was fun.

One of my all-time favorite memories of Norah’s birth will be the time my parents spent with Derick and me walking the neighborhood and timing contractions.  My parents were so excited and involved and it was such a weird circle of life thing to be with them at the beginning of this.

Long story (somewhat) short, we time and time and walk and walk and the contractions get stronger.  I’ve now called my OBGYN about 6 times and it’s always the same story; since the contractions aren’t regular they don’t recommend coming in.  Well eff that.  We’re doing this.

After they’ve gotten to the point where I’m having trouble breathing through them, we go in again. I get hooked up and physically will the contractions to dilate me so I don’t have to go home again.  And it works! I’m dilated to 5cm! The nurse actually says that she’s shocked and was ready to send me home.  She thought I was making it up.  How charming.

It’s go-time now. We get checked in and I get hooked up and start getting giddy.  My sister Maria arrives and Derick’s parents and sister/BIL are on their way.  The nurse instructs us to not only walk, but do stairs.  So we spend the next four hours (seriously) roaming the halls and stairs of the entire hospital.  Keep in mind I’ve been in labor for 24 hours and haven’t slept in over 72.

We come back to the room and they check me.  I’m 7cm! And this is where I declare that this is so easy and I’m going to have this baby without drugs and without tears and omg I’m the best laboring person ever.

My mom and sister are in the room, unplanned but not unwelcome.  They keep Derick sane and relay the progress to the others in the waiting room.  Derick is a total champ- rubbing me where I need and cheering me on.  Maria is a godsend- providing comic relief and taking pictures.

I’m so ready to meet her.

This is when it gets a little blurry.  The contractions start getting intense and after 34 hours of this I’m getting exhausted.  I can’t sit down during them so I’ve been on my feet the whole time.  My legs are now shaking and I am near collapse every time one hits.  The doctor comes in and suggests an epidural (in his words only because I’m so tired).

One more part to come.

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