I’m Back. I Know You’re Thrilled.

I told Derick today that I missed blogging. I really like putting my shit (shhhh, Norah picks up those words now) out there.  It’s cathartic, even if it’s self- involved and selfish.

Where the fuck (eff) do I start? I’ve been missing in action (because blogging is totally just like battle) for a loooooooooooooooong time now.  I’d bet actual money that no one is reading.  If you’re reading, comment.  I’ll give you $.50.

What? Did you expect more? THESE ARE HARD TIMES PEOPLE.


Norah is two years and two months old now. I could write an entire book on that child, how beautiful and funny and delightful she is. When I ask her questions she likes me to answer and then says “good job” Like she knew the answer and I’m just the dummy trying to keep up.

I’ll be honest; I’m really struggling.  I feel very, very alone. I don’t have any friends here with children, and while I adore sharing my amazing kid with others, I don’t want to be the person constantly talking about my baby. I hate pushing my life onto others. But I’ve found now that because I don’t talk about anything people have just stopped asking.

WOE IS TRICIA, amirite? There are international tragedies everywhere and I’m lamenting because I’m a (somewhat) happy, healthy, white, privileged woman in a (sort of) civilized country. LAMENT WITH ME.

I don’t even know what the point of this post was- ha! I guess to introduce myself back into blogging? BECAUSE YOU ALL WERE ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEATS WAITING.






2 thoughts on “I’m Back. I Know You’re Thrilled.

  1. I’m commenting not for the moolah, but to say that I remember….and you are not alone! Little ones are beautiful, and magical, and important….and isolating. The loneliness can feel crushing. If we lived closer, I’d come and visit and smile fondly at Nora and say old lady things like “enjoy every moment because they grow up so fast”! And I’d also say that every moment is wonderful AND REALLY HARD. Hugs to you, my cousin-ish!


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